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Today we are going to answer your deepest and darkest Money Guy question. To be frank, we’ve been dodging this question for years. You don’t want to miss this very special Q&A! For more information, check out the big reveal here

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Episode Transcript

The wait is over. Today, we are revealing the worst-kept money guys’ secret. I am so excited about this one because we are finally going to answer a question that we’ve been dodging for a while. We’ve been avoiding it and dodging it, and avoiding it and dodging it, and today we finally get to come clean. In my defense, I haven’t been dodging it. It’s just you guys keep thumping me in the ear, telling me not to tell them anymore. But it’s true, guys. Today, we’re actually giving you the details of my book, and I feel like this has been years in the making. I’m so excited. I mean, I don’t want to keep you guys waiting, but we actually have a lot to share. We’re going to show you the cover, we’re going to show you the title, and we’re going to give you some insight into what is actually going on, including the date that this actually comes out. So, I guess, without any more fanfare, Bo, go ahead and drop it on them. All right. Here it is. Brian, tell them about it.

Yeah, “The Millionaire Mission.” This is something that has been built over my career. I think about, you guys love the Financial Order of Operations. I mean, if you haven’t gone to, you can get your copy. But a lot of you guys need to know that this thing is my opportunity to hopefully impact the next generation. I think about the fact that my journey towards wealth building started with “The Wealthy Barber” and “The Millionaire Next Door,” and those books just hit me so hard. They lit a spark within me. I really pray and hope that “The Millionaire Mission” will actually have that exact impact on this generation as well. All right. So, that’s the idea. Who should read the book? Like, who are you hoping that this book is going to hit? Like, who do you want to pick it up?

Yeah, this book, if I have my way about it, I want it to impact everyone. What I mean by that, I know that sounds crazy because you’re supposed to choose your demo and stick to it, but in all reality, I’m hoping that the person who has the aspiration of becoming wealthy but knows absolutely nothing about money, this is going to be your shortcut to success, essentially the instruction manual for how to do money better. I think the person, even if they have seven figures already behind them, they’ve had success, I think this book is going to give you the tips and tricks that’ll be confirming but also kind of let you fine-tune your skill set. And then anybody who’s behind, and this is something I paid a lot of attention to when I was writing the book, if you felt behind, how do I get you motivated and kind of inspired to not only get excited about the process but also to catch up? I wrote it with that in mind as well. I love it. And when you were writing this, how did you come up with the ideas in the book, like the things that you share, the things that you write about? Where did it come from?

Yeah, it’s not an autobiography, but I’m going to tell you it has a lot of me in it. There’s a part of me that’s pretty insecure and nervous about that because you’re going to see a lot about my childhood, what inspired each of the steps of the Financial Order of Operations. It really is the origin story for where things came from. Another unique thing was that we manage wealthy families. We’ve been doing this, I’ve been managing money since the mid-’90s, so we’re quickly approaching 30 years. You can’t help but pick up things. I’ve had a front-row seat to seeing what’s created success and seeing where the overlap was, and I’ve tried to put every bit of that into “The Millionaire Mission.”

Okay. So if I’m the reader, and I’m going to read this book, what can I expect as I read through it? Because I’m thinking about, here’s some stuff I’m going to take away, here’s some exciting things. What are the things that I can expect as I’m reading through this book? And by the way, I’ve already read the book, and it’s fantastic. It’s unbelievable.

Yeah. And by the way, if you’re curious, I did actually write this book because we were out in Austin hanging out with Caleb Hammer, and he asked me right off the cuff, “Did you write it?” And I was like, “Wow.” So, I guess people are going to ask that question, and I guess it makes sense because so many books are ghostwritten these days. But no, if you read this book, I have actually written this book. Now, I will tell you when you see commas in the book, that is probably Daniel and Reby and the editors. He wrote the whole book for the punctuation. Some of the tweaks and stuff, obviously, I got a little help on that. This book is from the heart, and I think that’s what you’ll see. I’ve already kind of alluded to the fact that this is the origin story for the Financial Order of Operations, hence the nine-step system to level up your finances, but it’s also all the things that went into why each of these steps exist. I really tried to go as deep as I could to give people an understanding of the why, but then also, we didn’t shortchange this thing. We did it in true money fashion. We show you the numbers. We nerd out on the stuff, but we tried to write it in a way that even if you are coming at the beginning of your journey, you’re going to feel like you were loved on in a way that this thing will hopefully light that fire. That’s the biggest thing I want is I really do want to change a generation. I know that a lot of you guys know, I know there’s a lot of teachers who watch this because they can spot the heart in me, the teacher in my heart. I really do hope that this book does kind of end up in high school, college, and even graduates. This is the book that you’re like, “Man, what book can I give somebody to give them a step ahead?” and you think of “The Millionaire Mission.”

I love it. One of my favorite things about you is you love giving away value. You love people having an experience or having something take place, and their immediate takeaways, “Holy cow, this is even more valuable than I thought it would be. This is so amazing.” A lot of people even in the live chat right now, “It’s coming out in May, it’s a long way, it’s not here yet. When’s it going to happen?” I think maybe we’re even forgetting to tell them a little something because in true Brian fashion, we want to load you guys up for pre-ordering the book. So we’re going to talk more about pre-order perks and some things that’ll be happening for those who put in pre-orders. But anything that you want to share or mention as it relates to that?

This is the part where I feel like it’s unfair to say we’re going to load you up and not at least peek behind the curtain a little bit. Y’all know I’m horrible at keeping secrets. So at a minimum, Re’s going to kill me for this, but I at least have to share some of the brainstorming sessions and things we’ve talked about that are going to be perks for everybody who takes advantage of getting in on the pre-order right now and in the following weeks. Here’s the thing, we’ve talked about, we’re going to figure out a way if people want a signed version or my signature in their book. We’re going to figure out a way to hook you up on that. Another thing that I think is fun is if you want to do a book club with Bri, essentially with me going through chapters. I’ll think about it because today I even had to ask you guys. I was like, we’re making this announcement, but I felt like even the story of how this book got done, where it went from self-publishing to a lot of internal reflection on what that means with it not being in libraries and bookstores and then the whole journey to getting a book deal. I have so many fun stories because I feel like the way my life works is that I’m very active, but I also see it in a way that a storyteller would hopefully see it. And I think there are so many things that I could do with a book club to kind of let you get a little extra out of what the book can do.

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